How to convert perfect strangers into customers?

We have sold, in a couple of years and thanks to LinkedIn, almost a 1.000.000 € in value added services to mayor global corporations.  
Do you want to know how to do it?
Social selling works!
Social selling workshops


We offer a range of training private one-to-one workshop sessions so you can get up to date and get the most out of LinkedIn as a professional and for your business.

These online Skype workshop sessions are tailored to get you up and running with social selling so you can increase your customer base and sales funnel.

The sales process has changed. Are you ready? 

For startups, businesses & Co


Startups need to develop products and / or services. And they need to sell them. We show them how to do it. 

We work closely with small businesses training and consulting on social selling and business development.  

We also offer workshops and in-house training sessions for businesses and management.

We offer tailored training and coaching on LinkedIn to help increase sales.


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