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Social Selling mentoring for equity

In very specific cases we can agree to exchange social selling training and business development mentoring to the startup founders in exchange for equity. Business development and growth hacking are what any startup looks to achieve. Both are now based on social selling and inbound digital marketing strategies. 

Let us know if this could be of interest.  Only available in Catalunya.

Small businesses:
In-house consulting over 12 months

In very specific cases we can offer our services face-to-face, in-house, over a 12-month period of time in order to train in social selling and business develpment and to adjust based on the progress.

We are expert consultants on social selling applied to B2B and B2C. 

Let us know if this could be of interest. Only available in Catalunya.

C Levels - CEO, CCO, CMO, CFO, COO:
Coaching and in-situ training

We can coach, train and consult on LinkedIn and social selling to CEO's and other C-level managers that seek to acquire know-how on a private and discreet way.

We can help develop skills on how to position our clients as experts in their fields of expertise and to help them create and improve their personal brand in LinkedIn.

Let us know if this could be of interest. Service available in Europe. 

In-situ workshops

We can deliver the social selling LinkedIn workshops in-house, at the client's premises, internationally. We workshops are tailored to the different department needs and to the nature of the service or products sold. We are consultants on B2B business development using social selling and applying it to the strategic sales process. 

We are expert consultants on sales development and social selling. 

Let us know if this could be of interest

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